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Consulting Services

  • Management Consulting
    In order to achieve a lasting, flexible and cost-effective corporate solution, Internet development should be assigned a strategic status. The planning process should be carried out together with the senior management of the corporation. This is particularly important in large and mid-sized corporations, where there are multiple divisions in need of a common web-profile. Korridor helps you understand how such a process can be realised in a cost effective way and within existing time constraints.

  • Analysis of existing web pages
    The World Wide Web has entered the second generation of web sites. What was high-tech a year ago is often a bit "worn out" today. We analyse your current site and perform interviews with key members of the staff, followed by a suggestion how to refresh the site and simplify it's maintenance.

  • Internet Engineering
    A position in the front line of the Internet typically requires continuous development and modification of current systems and design solutions. We have the resources to help you stay at the forefront. Our references include Web Shopping solutions and tools, calculation pages, VRML, animated GIF's, Data Bases and more.

  • Specific Internet Techniques and Tools.
    Internet, Intranet for MAC, PC and UNIX
    HTML Programming
    CGI Scripts
    Quicktime Virtual Reality Films
    JAVA Applets
    Performance optimisations of picture-handling and data base solutions
    Design of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's)
    Picture- and Graphics Design ( JPEG; GIF )
    Installation, Training


    Korridor AB,, tel:+46-8-720 4150, fax +46-8-720 4160