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Web hotel

Korridor Stockholm offers to host your Web site at our Web Hotel. It is a safe and cost-effective solution, and offers a way to get a quick start of the project. You are guaranteed to get very high performance and accessibility, and we make sure that the site is easy to maintain. With the Web server hosted outside the corporate premises, the risk of unauthorised access to the local network is avoided. Still, we offer around-the-clock access to update the pages.

As our customer, you get extensive visitor statistics weekly over e-mail, continuous monitoring of the Internet connection, CGI-scripts to transform web-form information to e-mail messages and scripts for "banner click-counting".

Our Hotel offers various solutions, ranging from a low cost set-up for non-profit organisations to full-fledged web servers with database connections, shopping facilities, SSL encryption for credit cards, customised SGI:s and more.


Korridor AB,, tel:+46-8-720 4150, fax +46-8-720 4160